Because coffee can be more than just a drink! At MEDIUM CAFE you can experience the different tastes of coffee and get acquainted with its people and culture!

Exclusively at MEDIUM CAFE


Our coffee is roasted in-shop to ensure the freshness and quality of your drink.

Coffee that cares

Organic and fair-trade beans, our values ensure that your cup of coffee is going to leave your conscious guilt free.

Our Values

Responsibility, Sustainability, Diversity

We believe that we all deserve the best. Every hand that contributes to increase our products' value, receives it share. With every green bean roasted a taste, heritage, and culture is preserved. With every roasted bean ground, we maintain freshness. With every cup, we make sure that we bring the best coffee to satisfy our customer. 

We are now open for dine in and pick up! 

Come find us at Destination Box.

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